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Paint Protection

Posh Wash uses a unique Nanotech Acryloplexin cross-linking acrylic formulation using durable PTFE suspended in the formula. The Paint Protection chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elasticity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day.

Paint Protection

When paint cures, entrapped solvents evaporate from the base layer up through the paint. When this occurs, sediment is left in the paint’s pores. All painted surfaces are exposed to a certain amount of sulphuric and nitric acids from the atmosphere. These cling to the paint in the forms of oxides. Toughseal’s scientifically developed Pre-Treatment Step 1 enters the pores of the painted surface and effectively removes all foreign impurities. This now allows Toughseal’s Acrylic plus P.T.F.E. Sealant Step 2 to bond chemically to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the now highly polished surface. As the treated surface cures, the P.T.F.E molecules elongate, interlocking with each other, resulting in tough bonded protective coating to the paint.

Toughseal helps repel:

  • Dirt and Oil
  • Dust and road grime
  • Ultraviolet fading
  • Acid rain etching
  • Bird lime
  • Nasty wash chemicals and many more

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