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Additional Services

Posh Wash (Full Detail)

POSH WASH Full Detail includes: Engine bay, hand car-wash, clay and polish, wheels cleaned & tyres dressed, all interior surfaces cleaned including the dashboard, console, doors and door jams, carpets and mats shampooed, seats (Leather or Upholstery), windows inside and out and mirrors.

Posh Wash
Posh Wash
from $325
Prestige (Mini Detail)

Mini detail includes Engine Bay, choice of either Hand Car Wash and interior detail OR Hand Car Wash, Clay and Polish and basic interior vacuum and wiping of surfaces. Both options include wheels and tires and Windows inside and out.

Prestige Wash
from $245
Ceramic Coating from $980
Paint Protection from $550
Upholstery and Carpet Protection (Not Including Leather) from $195
Leather Seat Protection from $180
Leather Treatment

We remove any grit and grime in the crevices using an acid free, leather cleaner. We then apply a conditioning cream to help protect and keep the leather supple which keeps leather from cracking.

Leather Seat Treatment
from $180
Interior Detail

Includes Doors, Door Jams, Seats (leather or Upholstery), Carpets and Mats, Dash, Console, Vents, Steering wheel and column, Windows.

Before Interior
Before Interior
from $215
Seats & Carpet Shampoo

Shampoo of upholstery seats and carpets including mats, may feel a little damp afterward.

Seats and Carpet Shampoo
from $180
Hand Polish

We wash, clay and dry your vehicle to ensure all contamination has been removed. Then apply our range of auto smart polishing range to bring back the shine on your vehicle. Minor imperfections can be removed.

A very nice red polish.
A very red polish, wow look at the colour!
from $150
Cut and Polish

We wash, clay Bar and dry your vehicle to ensure all contamination has been removed. Then apply our range of auto smart cutting compounds to remove any swirls, oxidization, minor scratches and blemishes. We then apply a high gloss finish to bring back the shine.

from $250
Engine Bay

We carefully high pressure clean the engine bay and dress the plastic.

Engine Bay
from $45
Boats, Horse Floats, Trailers and Caravans

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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